The ratio of 1% to 18%, where the ratio is between 1% to 18%, as the type of property, its area, the level of construction, and the price per square meter of the land on it, on it, are factors in determining the value of the added tax, and this value is not calculated from the ownership of the property but from the net area, and this property tax is paid once when buying a property in Turkey.

One of the taxes that you must pay when buying a property in Turkey is the property title tax, and it is paid only once, this time when you sell or buy a property, and the value payable is about four percent of the total property value and is paid jointly between the buyer and seller this is the law imposed on it, but in reality, it is the buyer who pays all the amount due.

Yes, the return on investment in Turkey is tempting, but we must know how we can get it. Our choice of the right place is the most important, such as proximity to commercial places, universities and transportation node
We can also invest with strong construction companies that guarantee us the delivery of the project at the same time and with the agreed specifications, and thus we guarantee a special price.

Dear, Turkey is the new China that is crowding out huge and major international countries in the field of economy. For example, do not forget that it will be in the 10 strongest countries in the economy in the world in 2023, and it is also the vision of 2023 that will give a great economic power, and many countries of the world consider Turkey as the main headquarters for trade in the middle east.
In terms of studying in Turkey, Turkey's universities have achieved great leaps at the global level
Also, the Turkish Passport will be in a stronger position during 2023 according to the plan and vision of 2023, which will increase the demand for investment and Turkish citizenship.

Yes, you can, but the value allocated by the Turkish government is set at $250,000, for the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship according to specific conditions. Move freely towards all Turkish cities throughout the validity of the residence permit, which is renewed annually according to an easy mechanism and conditions for the investor.

Real estate in Turkey varies in price greatly, and the difference is due to the ease of access to projects whose price increases with the increase in the quality of the region and the services that serve the region as well as the project. To settle in almost all regions, but if we want to set a specific purchase price as a starting point for the prices that are within projects suitable for housing or investment, the amount of $ 40,000 is the amount that is considered the lowest price for obtaining a suitable housing or investment.

Foreigners can bequeath real estate in Turkey, as Turkish law allows foreigners in Turkey to own real estate of all kinds, such as land, apartments, villas, offices, etc., and foreigners are also allowed to own real estate in Turkey by inheritance, as the legal heirs have the right to transfer ownership of real estate in Turkey from the owner after his death.

Real estate investments are superior to bank deposits in terms of their preference for saving, as keeping money in the form of an apartment, real estate or villa in Turkey is much better than saving this money in the form of a deposit in the bank because fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira may sometimes lead to a decrease in the value of money That you save in banks, but in terms of real estate, you maintain the value of the property in Turkey and even ensure that its value increases every year.

We make a bank account in your name and the amount of the apartment to be purchased is deposited. Then the amount is transferred from your personal account to the account of the established company.

Yes, you can obtain a residence permit, which is a two-year real estate residence permit, and is renewed every two years. That is, by purchasing any property whose value is under 250 thousand dollars.

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